Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soccer Pics!

I had a great time shooting soccer pictures for my friend's son, Dakota, the other night. Her daughter is involved in dancing and has her picture taken often, but that is not the case with other sports or activities. Maybe that would be a good market to get into! :) The pics were a lot of fun to take - it was a gorgeous evening and the complimenting colors of the grass, trees and sky make for the best backdrop of all.

I have bought a 50mm f/1.8 a couple months back and when I first used it, I wasn't overly impressed, but it seems that as time goes on, I find that it is on my camera more often than not. It was hard for me to get used to not being able to zoom, but the quality of the pics it takes - and the 1.8 aperture - are great. I am very happy that I decided to get it.

Thanks to Nicole and Ken for having me photograph their fantastic young soccer player. And a big thanks to Dakota for being such a great model! :)

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