Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Did you know that they make them this teeny??!!

I had the absolute honor of photographing the teeniest baby yesterday!! Blake is one week old and just 5lbs, 4oz! He proved to be the perfect little model and we took all kinds of shots with him! It was SO much fun - here's what we did! :D


I had crocheted this little turtle shell before a friend of mine had her baby, but it was pretty small on him - didn't even cover his back. It was the PERFECT fit for baby Blake though! For the turtle shell pattern, click here!

 Oh these little feet! He loved to stretch right out, no matter what position we put him in and when he would stretch out his legs, he would cross them at the ankles. It was so cute (& funny)!!

 Big brother Blayton was on the move, but we caught him in a couple of pics. No time to waste with those ones!! :)

My sister pinned a pose like this one on Pinterest and I just had to try it. And with a baby this teeny, it worked out pretty good!

A big, huge thank-you and congratulations to Mommy Zoey and my lovely friend (& Grandma to baby Blake & his big brother Blayton), Janice, for letting me help you capture these precious moments. I feel very honored.... <3

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