Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Power of Advertising

I recently started advertising my photography as a business and am so happy with the response!! I placed an ad on kijiji and set up a facebook page and within a few days, I had booked a family session and 2 newborn sessions (this one being one of them)!

 I got to meet sweet little Abigail when she was just one week young. She was so alert during our session and such a sweetie!

What a stunning little family! <3

I am so excited at the prospect of turning my love of photography into a business. I love that I learn something new at every session - everyone is different and I love experimenting and interacting with my clients, whether they are newborns, children or adults. This could possibly be the most wonderful, rewarding "job" (I don't even want to call it that because it feels like so much more) I have ever dreamed of!

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