Friday, April 11, 2014

Just another day in the office.. :)

 How could I not love this job?! Sweet baby Brylie was a joy to work with. He was so alert for a good chunk of our shoot, but once he fell asleep, he was out! Such a strong little guy too - at just a week old, he was already holding his head up when he was on his tummy!!

If you love this hat (as much as I do) and want to whip one up yourself, you can find the free crochet pattern HERE!

This little turtle shell pattern can be found HERE. Note: I made the hat with this pattern and it was tiny. I have kept it for the teeny tiny babies, but made another hat using THIS pattern (instead of bulky yarn, I used 2 strands of my Bernat Satin)....

And this super adorbs pattern can be found HERE! Note: I crochet quite tight, so I started my ring with 2 extra stitches and modified a few other things (sorry, I don't remember what else I changed), but this hat turned out WAY too big for a newborn!! Maybe someday I will figure out hat sizes for babies and children alike!! Maybe not.... ;)

Oh, I love baby's teeny little hands in this pic!!!


Congrats Kirsti and Vincent on your beautiful baby boy. He is perfect in every way.... :)

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