Thursday, February 7, 2013

New lens, new fun!

I love, love, love photomacrography! Taking pics up close (and getting a great shot) can be SO much fun. It can also be very frustrating if you just cannot get the shot you are looking for! I have taken MANY close ups on my camera with my stock lens and have had good results, but have always wanted to play with an actual macro lens. That being said, I cannot afford a dedicated macro lens (a good one can run anywhere from $500-????), so I thought I would try this one:

Neewer Wide Angle Macro lens

For a whooping $17.25, I am able to get in closer and get more detail than I had expected from this lens. AND, it is also a wide angle lens. It cuts the corners a bit if you are zoomed all the way back, but the results speak for themselves.
I also got an IR remote for the camera shutter (off of ebay for $1.43!). And it works like a charm - helps to get rid of that pesky camera shake when taking macros or long exposures.

Regular lens:
Wide angle attachment:
Using the wide angle attachment, if you are zoomed all the way back, you can see that the corners get snipped, but it's not too bad - either way, pretty good results (as far as I am concerned).

More close ups (and yes, I LOVE this beautiful orchid!):
I love this perspective! It makes my hands look like they belong to a 70 year old!

These teeny flowers photographed very well with the macro attachment. 
Thanks for checking in! :)
--Photo Jules

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  1. Eww! Froggy fingers! I really like macro shots to, probably because most of the stuff i make is small. I liked the iphone4 for macro stuff. Thanks for the post.


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